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Letter from Marcie Miller

Dear Friends and Residents of Ward 2:

As a past Golden City Councilor and resident of Ward 2, I know first hand how important it is to have responsible representation. You need someone who will listen to your concerns, make sound decisions and do what’s “right” for Golden. While in office, I worked hard to find a good balance between preserving our small town feel and still make room for economic growth. I can tell you it’s not always the easiest thing to get divergent interests to come together for the common good. That’s where experience comes in.

Joe Behm is the candidate I support for Ward 2. He’s the only candidate who has the experience to deal with our biggest issue—the beltway. He’s also the only candidate who has demonstrated leadership by serving on the Economic Development Commission and the Golden Urban Renewal Authority. EDComm and GURA have not always been popular with certain people in Golden, but through his service, Joe has worked hard to improve the vitality and livability of our downtown. He’s also the candidate who, in my opinion, will preserve and protect the Golden we all love. Preservation should not be stagnation, but rather a nurturing of appropriate business and residential development.

In Hawaii, Aloha is both hello and goodbye. It is also a way of living. To “live Aloha” is to strive for the good of all, to be open and honest and to do the right thing. I believe Joe Behm will live Aloha in Golden.

April 25th is an important day for Golden. Use your voice and vote for Joe Behm. He will be the most reasonable and effective Councilor for you and your Ward 2 neighbors. I encourage you to request an absentee ballot if you are not going to be able to vote at Fire Station #4, off of Heritage Road, on April 25th.

Mahaho (thanks) and Aloha –

Marcie Miller

Honoka’a, Hawaii

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