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Golden offers free sprinkler inspection to residents

The City of Golden has teamed up with the Center for ReSource Conservation to offer citizens free sprinkler inspections in an effort to “Slow the Flow” and conserve water by getting the right amount of water in the right place at the right time.

Also called an “irrigation audit,” the inspection is a series of tests performed on a home’s sprinkler system that determine its efficiency. The tests check the application rate, uniformity of application and pressure of the sprinkler system, as well as the soil type and root depth of the grass to determine how the efficiency of the system can be improved upon and to develop the most appropriate watering schedule for the landscape. A visual inspection of the system is also conducted to pinpoint any flaws or repairs that need to be addressed.

The entire process takes about two hours for residential sites. Commercial sites and Home Owner Associations may also be able to participate, and should call for more information.

Why get a sprinkler inspection? There are lots of great reasons to participate, including to:

· Save money on your water bill;
· Improve the appearance of your landscape;
· Increase efficiency of water usage;
· Receive a customized watering schedule;
· Maximize the life-span and effectiveness of your sprinkler system; and,
· Help conserve one of Colorado’s most precious resources.
The program, now in its third year in Golden. is totally free to citizens as it is funded by grants and the City.

If you receive water from the City of Golden and have an underground irrigation system that waters turf (sprinkler system in your yard), you are eligible. The service is available from the beginning of June through the beginning of August. Citizens are encouraged to call and schedule their appointment as soon as possible. To schedule your free appointment, contact the Center for ReSource Conservation at 303-441-3278

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