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When Vandalism Goes Very, Very RIGHT… You Get These 25 Works Of Inspiration.

Inspiration is a lot like a ride to work on a hot summer day after your car breaks down–it doesn’t matter where it comes from, just as long as it gets you to where you need to be. You’ll probably appreciate it more if it doesn’t involve speaking at length about your neighbor Doug’s recent trip to Slacks “R” Us, but beggars can’t be choosers. If encouragement comes by way of graffiti on a wall, take it! At least it looks cool (no offense, Doug). Take a look at some go-getting graffiti.

1.) We Are The Creators Of Our Own Happiness

2.) Let’s Change The World For Good

3.) In The Midst Of Winter, I Found There Was Within Me An Invincible Summer

4.) Act Like You Know

5.) Who Are You / You Are You

6.) Stop Worrying

7.) Let’s Adore And Endure Each Other

8.) Contemplate How Awesome Life Really Is

9.) If You Want To Achieve Greatness, Stop Asking For Permission

10.) It’s Time To Dance

11.) Like Takes Time

12.) Create Now

13.) You Look Nice Today

14.) I Am In The World To Change The World

15.) Lives Change Here

16.) You Already Know How

17.) Ain’t No Stopping Me

18.) You Go Girl

19.) I Was Somebody

20.) Live A Great Story

21.) It Just Blooms

22.) Know You Are Enough

23.) Everything Will Be Okay

24.) Stand Up For Something

25.) You’re Never Too Young To Dream Big

(H/T BuzzFeed) Well, I’m inspired. No, not to do graffiti, Doug. Your walls are safe, relax! Share this post using the button below.

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