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These 20 Selfies Were Taken At The Perfect Time. Most Are Hilarious But #11.. That’s Messed Up!

A “selfie” is when someone takes a picture of themselves using a cell phone or camera. Usually, it’s a pretty mundane kind of photo that people upload to their Facebook or Instagram. But… Sometimes it’s so epic and perfectly timed, you just have to share it. These selfies might be the most perfectly timed pictures in all of the world. Some are good, some are bad… but they’re all selfies. Check them out.

1.) First, it was cute. Then he got rabies.

2.) At least he took a picture of his own concussion.

3.) Arrest and fines? Totally worth it.

4.) Sake and the perfect selfie… sock it to me.

5.) This is either the best or worst soccer fan.

6.) This cannot end well.

7.) I’m not sure if this was the right time for a selfie.

8.) If you’re taking a selfie and you know it clap your hands.

9.) Don’t look now, selfie-taker, but you’re being pick-pocketed.

10.) Pets really are just like their owners.

11.) LOL, little sister, LOL.

12.) In the first, everything was fine. In the second, the water was spilled. Owned.

13.) He just WISHES this were real.

14.) When is the perfect time for a selfie? After a plane crash.

15.) Quokkas are the best at selfies.

16.) This is the best selfie in the history of selfies.

17.) You want to know who takes awesome selfies? Beyonce.

Because of course she does.

18.) You know when might be the wrong time to take a selfie? … Now.

19.) Because once wasn’t enough.

20.) At least the cops got back at the jerks in this one.

(H/T BuzzFeed) If you could learn one thing from the gallery, it’s this: if you get pulled over, you probably shouldn’t be taking a selfie in front of the cop. Just saying. Share these perfectly timed photos with others. They deserve some recognition.

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