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Don’t Ever Get Caught Drinking These. They Are The Worst Beers In The World.

People like to complain a lot about the quality of beers, food and other snacks at a party. They’ll belittle whatever you bring as if you didn’t just spend your hard earned money on these treats you brought to their house. (I guess some people are just like that.) But, if I were you, I wouldn’t be caught dead bringing these beers anywhere because they’re rated in the worst in the world. 

They may get someone drunk, but they won’t have fun while they do it…

1.) Natural Ice

If a beer has “Ice” in the name it usually is pretty terrible. Just a rule of thumb.

2.) Michelob Ultra

Even though this beer is lower in calories, it apparently is also lower in tastiness.

3.) Keystone Light

Keystone Beer (not light) is actually pretty legit. Keystone Light is like its underachieving little brother.

4.) Milwaukee’s Best Ice

Apparently the calling card for a bad beer is having the word “Ice” in the name. These brews borrow a method used in Germany to produce Eisbock beers, in which they partially freeze a doppelbock and remove the ice to make a more concentrated, alcoholic, and flavorful beer. Unfortunately, when the method is used on crappy American adjust-laden pale lagers, the alcohol content gets higher but the flavor gets worse.

5.) Busch

While this beer may look refreshing if you watched the old commercials where it was pulled out of a snowy mountain, it hardly tastes that way.

6.) Cornona Light

The commercials look relaxing. Beach scenes, people chilling and enjoying their beers. That’s the only fictitious part of those commercials. No one is enjoying this beer.

7.) Bud Ice

Steer clear of the word “Ice” for the Pete’s sake! Who cares how drunk it gets you?!

8.) Bud Light

One of the more popular beers, Bud Light is consistently rated as a pretty terrible beer. How did it get so popular? Advertising.

9.) Busch Light

Maybe Busch just doesn’t know how to make a good beer? The Busch name now follows the same rule as the “Ice” rule.

10.) Busch Ice


11.) Milwaukee’s Best Premium

Milwaukee’s Best as a brand never really scores too highly when it comes to making good beers. So their “Best” claim seems a little offensive.

12.) Coors Light

Coors Light is one popular beer. Justin Bieber is also popular. Would anyone say that he is the best singer in the world? I rest my case.

13.) Keystone Ice

If you’re still reading this after all of the “Ices” that have been listed here, you probably have already been drinking too many beers anyway.

14.) Budweiser Select 55

I suggest you select 55 other beers before you drink this offense to your tastebuds.

15.) Natural Light

This affront to civilization is consistently rated as one of the worst beers ever created. Its amazing that Anheuser-Busch would even want to be associated with this beer.

Now you know. Never bring these vile beverages around your friends if you intend to keep them. It is basically an insult to the party if you walk in holding a 6 pack of these beers, so I repeat DON’T BE CAUGHT DEAD WITH THESE IN YOUR HAND! Because the only thing worse than bringing these beers to a party is being caught dead at a party. Dead people are a buzzkill.

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