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Meet Who Is Fancy, The Mysterious Pop Singer/Songwriter Kacey Musgraves And Meghan Trainor Love

Who Is Fancy? A first official music video provides a new glimpse at the mysterious singer/songwriter.

1. Little is known about Who Is Fancy, the mysterious new pop artist backed by Scott Borchetta, founder of Big Machine Label Group (Taylor Swift), and Justin Bieber’s manager Scooter Braun.

First referenced by Borchetta in a September iHeartRadio festival report from Billboard touting Big Machine’s next crossover act, Fancy has closely guarded his identity, on social media and neither Big Machine, nor Republic Records (which has signed on in a joint venture), will spill the beans. “Who Is Fancy is an artist that wants to celebrate the artistry and songwriting, while not focusing on whom he is at first, allowing the music to truly speak for itself,” the label told us in a statement.

3. In late January, Borchetta emplored his followers to check out Fancy’s debut single “Goodbye,” which was subsequently released to iTunes and recently pushed to radio.

4. A kiss-off anthem with a heart as big as its hook, it didn’t take long for “Goodbye” to catch on.

5. Tori Kelly was a fan.

6. As was Kacey Musgraves.

Of course, the support of Borchetta and Braun probably didn’t hurt.

7. Though it’s still not clear who Fancy is, yesterday BuzzFeed Music received an official music video for “Goodbye.”

Big Machine / Republic

8. In the video, a skinny boy with a furrowed brow (who Republic would neither confirm nor deny is Fancy) has his tattoos airbrushed and hair coiffed in someone’s attempt to turn him into the next Justin Bieber.

Big Machine / Republic

Big Machine / Republic

Big Machine / Republic


A not-so-subtle nod to the pressures Fancy may himself be feeling.

9. In a note attached to the video, Fancy told BuzzFeed Music that he wrote “Goodbye” as a “wakeup call.”

I was in a bad relationship pattern where I ended up being with people that were not the best for me, didn’t bring out the best in me, didn’t allow me to truly be myself and I realized it was time to just say Goodbye. It was a real moment for me where I realized I couldn’t truly love anyone unless I loved myself.

10. “The video is a juxtaposition of how society wants someone to view themselves verse how people view themselves,” Fancy wrote.

In the video you’re about to watch, we see someone who feels comfortable expressing themselves through tattoo’s, body art, etc. but society is more accepting of someone who is more clean cut, buttoned up. Those transitions represent what I was going through in my relationship. I could either stay in my relationship and accept the norms that society places on people or I could walk away and find something better, something where I could be myself.

11. Watch the video for “Goodbye” below.

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