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Letter: Say yes to Jeffco mill and bond

Jeffco public schools is one of the best districts in Colorado. We have great teachers, wonderful neighborhood schools, and many choice programs, option schools and charter schools. But we need to fund our public schools to support good public education. TABOR limits investment in our schools from the State of Colorado, so we must locally invest more money to make up the deficit.  

The mill and bond, 3A and 3B, will support student achievement in Jeffco. The mill levy over-ride will help keep good teachers in Jeffco. Currently, Jeffco teachers earn 19 percent less than surrounding districts pay. Paying a competitive wage to  good teachers in Jeffco is essential for student achievement. Forty-two percent of the mill levy will go toward attracting and keeping great teachers. Another 41 percent will go directly to schools through student-based-budgeting.

In community surveys and forums, Jeffco residents said this past year that  they love and want to keep their small neighborhood schools, even though keeping small schools is more expensive. The district staff has worked very hard to come up with a plan that is an efficient and effective use of our tax dollars, while keeping small schools open. The bond will pay for new schools in areas with rapid new development. Children in these neighborhoods cannot wait 20 years to pay for these new schools out of small incremental  savings in  the operating budget. They need schools now. And better yet, charter schools in Jeffco will get a proportionate share, or 10 percent of both 3A and 3B money. Every child in Jeffco will benefit. The cost? A mere $ 4.12  for every $ 100,000 assessment. That is a very small price to support our children and their education. Please vote yes on 3A and 3B.

Margaret Lessenger,




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