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Letter: Positive energy

Colorado has become victim to the constant onslaught of the anti-energy extremists pushing to shut down gas and oil development. If the hostile environment continues, energy companies could simply pick up and move to a friendlier state. If this happens, then life as we know it will be gone. The financial and economic impacts could devastate our economy.

Whether you realize it or not, our economy and livelihood are tied to oil and gas production. These resources heat and cool our homes. Countless textiles and other products are comprised of petroleum byproducts. Because of these products, we are seeing an uptick in American manufacturing. What’s more, Colorado natural gas has contributed to near 30-year lows in greenhouse gas emissions. It is imperative that we take the time to truly understand how beneficial continued oil and natural gas production is to Colorado’s economy – we must support the industry.

David Beers Golden



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