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When His Wife Left Town For The Week, This Guy Tore Up Their Bedroom Floors

Redditor pcjames saw an opening when his wife went out of town for a week…

He’d been wanting to rip up the ugly carpeting in their bedroom and replace it with hardwood floors. Now was the perfect time. So with just a few days to get the job done, he got to work!

While it might sound like quite the undertaking for just one guy and a week, it’s actually a lot easier than you think!

First, he tore up the carpet — it just had to go.

He bought half-inch-thick plywood pieces and cut them up into eight-inch-wide strips.

Then came the sanding…lots and lots of sanding.

Before he started nailing anything down, he tried an initial layout. He staggered the planks for a unique look.

It’s gluing time! He used a construction-grade adhesive to glue each board to the subfloor.

A nail gun came in handy for the next step — this went a lot faster than pcjames thought it would.

This diagonal portion by the door was a bit trickier, though.

All that was left was to stain the planks and apply a sealer.

The stain turned out darker than anticipated, but ultimately, pcjames decided to leave it as is.

He applied three coats of polyurethane with a satin finish…then…

The furniture went in! This looks great.

The amazing part about this project is that it cost less than $250 total. How crazy is that? I think I might just go start ripping up my ugly carpet, too!

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