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Want A Luxury Car? You Don’t Have To Buy One. You Can Build It.

Chinese engineers Wang Yu and Li Lintao are dedicated car lovers. Some might even call them crazy about cars. Why? For the last four years the pair has dedicated their lives to building an exact replica of a Lamborghini Diablo by hand.

In total they spent around $228,000 on building their dream car, which is now road-worthy. (It also looks fantastic.) It may seem expensive, but these two guys were able to build their dream car exactly how they wanted it. It might not be a real Lamborghini, but maybe it’s not so crazy after all.  

Starting with the raw materials.

Getting ready with the designs.

Building the car’s frame.

Who doesn’t love a little bit of welding?

Looks complicated.

It’s coming right along.

That’s one powerful looking engine.

Checking the tire pressure.

It’s really starting to come together.

Needs a paint job, I think.

YES. That’s one great looking car.

Rolling the tire.

Doing some extra engine inspection.

Suiting up for a test drive.

They even managed to get the Lamborghini logo on the front.

I wonder if it has that new car smell.

Hitting the open road.

He’s got a need for speed.

This car is the ultimate swag.

Speeding off.

That’s one happy car owner.

(Via: Izismile)

That is such an awesome car…even if it’s not the real thing. Yu and Lintao say they eventually want to start their car company. Obviously, their products would be awesome.

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