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Voters elect to retain state board of education incumbent

Jefferson County voters opted for consistency, electing to keep incumbent board member Jane Goff on the State Board of Education, Nov. 4.

“I am pleased with the turnout,” Goff said. “I think it’s a great reminder that we all have some work to do.”

As the preliminary results rolled in, Goff retained around a five percent lead over opponent Laura Boggs with 53.13 percent or 81,540 votes. Running against former Jefferson County Board of Education member (2009-2013), Boggs, Goff noted her opponents results and said she’s ready to narrow her focus, and move forward in the education race.

“We have to keep talking,” Goff said. “I am equally interested in moving some things along in the area of early childhood and high school opportunities for kids.”

Elected to the state board in 2008, Goff has worked to implement policies around the state’s new standards, the Colorado Academic Standards, accountability, having balanced assessments, and transparency. She’s served on several boards and committees including, the State Advisory Committee for Gifted and Talented, the Colorado State Accountability Network. Prior to sitting on the board, Goff was a Jefferson County School District teacher for 34 years.

“We really need to keep working to make sure that our pre-graduates are really ready to look at a path, feel secure for where they want to go and that the students have more of a voice in their education.”

Boggs said she was running to see more attention statewide on academic achievement, local control, choice, and student data protection. A mother of two public school students and daughter of an educator, Boggs passion for education is clear.

Boggs was contacted and could not be reached election night.

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