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Ukrainian Journalist Protests Russia Today During Live Interview

WASHINGTON — The executive producer of a new Ukrainian TV news channel accused Kremlin-backed outlet Russia Today of lying and causing Ukrainian deaths in a live appearance on Russia Today on Tuesday.

“You are responsible for thousands of deaths in my country,” Tetyana Pushnova, the executive producer of Ukrainian outlet Ukraine Today, said in an interview with Russia Today host Anissa Naouai. “And Russia Today, who are financed by Kremlin, lie about my country, lie about Ukraine. That’s why I don’t want to communicate with you, and I call to my international colleagues, don’t cooperate with Russia Today.”

After Pushnova finished, a big banner saying “RUSSIA TODAY STOP LIE [sic]” appeared on the screen in her place.

“I just want to take this time to point out that Russia Today tries very hard to get people to come on to give the other side of the story, to give different views,” Naouai then said. “We have a great difficulty with trying to get people with different views, not the Russian perspectives.”

Pushnova’s is the latest in a string of on-air protests against Russia Today. Journalist Jamie Kirchick spoke out against Russia’s anti-gay policies in an appearance last summer, while RT news anchor Liz Wahl resigned on air earlier this year, saying she could not work for a network that supports Putin’s actions in Ukraine.

Ukraine Today launched on Aug. 24 and is part of the Ukrainian 1+1 Media conglomerate.

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