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Tweet gets student a date with Lolo Jones


At the time, Lolo Jones probably considered this way too tall an order coming from a tweeter who still doesn’t even have 3,000 followers:

The Olympic hurdler and bobsledder has made headlines with some controversial tweets recently, but in general she is one of the most social media-friendly athletes.

Recently, Jones accepted a challenge from one of her 360,000 followers — should this student, a 21-year-old named Bubby Lyles tally 150,000 retweets for one of his tweets, Jones would go on a date with him.

Jones was told she’d be kept updated on the number of re-tweets Lyles was getting:


Then there were a couple of updates on Lyles’ re-tweet progress:


Guess where it stands now? Check out the number of re-tweets of Lyles’ original tweet:


Goal of 150,000 re-tweets eclipsed!


From the sound of things, from Jones’ perspective, a promise is a promise:


Twitchy wishes them all the best on their date, and offers Jones three cheers for kept promises!

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