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This Photographer’s Perfectly Timed Project Could Change The Way You Look At Life

Some people believe in fate. Some believe in the power of coincidence.

While I happen to fall into the latter camp, photographer Denis Cherim‘s latest project is bound to strike a chord with those on both sides. Cherim looks at each day through a unique lens with eyes trained to focus on the art of happenstance. The resulting series is fittingly called “The Coincidence Project.”

We chatted with the photographer about his process, and what he had to say might just inspire you to keep your eyes peeled for all of life’s little wonders.

Is there one image that sparked your decision to create the entire series?

There was actually more than one image that triggered the idea of creating the series. I guess it was more a particular moment in my life. Having gone through many changes in my work and in my life in general, I decided to create a 365-day photographic diary. What began as a challenge became a new way of experiencing the world around me.

Can you talk a bit about your process? Without any guarantees of capturing the perfect coincidence, how have you managed to keep the series going?

The truth is that I do not pursue the coincidences. Instead, they show themselves to me. I get carried away by senses and feelings, and that makes me more sensitive when it comes to seeing them. There is synchronicity all around us, but we are so immersed in our problems that we forget even to consider the environment. Coincidences are everywhere. We just have to be willing to see them.

How has “The Coincidence Project” changed the way you look at the world around you on a daily basis?

I have learned to enjoy things that seemed insignificant to me before, and that is very rewarding. When you expect nothing and then you see something interesting, it gives you the feeling that anything is possible. I really do feel lucky.

What do you want viewers to take away from this collection?

I want to create a dialogue between the viewer and the environment. I want to ignite interest in what was once discarded because it seemed too familiar or too banal. I want you to experience the power of synchronicity as I do when taking these pictures, and to get carried away by that feeling of harmony.

Instead of casting our gazes downward at little screens, we should all take a page out of Cherim’s book. Life happens all around us. All we have to do is watch it unfold.

To learn more about Denis Cherim’s work, be sure to check out his website. For regular updates, follow him on Facebook.

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