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This Is Where You Take Your Kids To Play… If You Hate Them. These Are Messed Up.

If you have children, you know that playing with them can be a wonderful part of life. Bringing smiles to their faces and bonding with them is a blessing. However, you might want to exercise some caution the next time you take them to a new playground. Apparently, there are spots all over the world were the playgrounds aren’t friendly. In fact, they seem like nightmarish death traps.

1.) This is our new slide. (Never, ever use the slide.)

2.) We just wanted as little payoff as possible.

3.) Want to play? PSYCHE.

4.) You can slide down, but you can never leave.

5.) Hope you don’t like fun, kids.

6.) No one is allowed to have fun today.

7.) Even if you could get in, you wouldn’t have fun.

8.) Death. You find death here.

9.) That monkey is way too sad to play on.

10.) “Horrifying nightmares” is a great theme for a playground.

11.) Oh, look kids, a poop monster.

12.) There cannot be any reason for this to be even CLOSE to a park.

No. Reason. At. All.

13.) Whoever tried to paint that slide to look like a bird made the wrong call.

14.) This Simpsons-themed mermaid is just the worst.

15.) If you see zebras… don’t play with zebras.

16.) Or whatever this is.

17.) She is just practicing for her soul-crushing job later in life.

18.) I will never want to know what’s going on here.

19.) That doesn’t seem like a kid-friendly place to play.

20.) Don’t play with strange doctors. Or doctors at all, really.

21.) Please don’t take your children to a playground that is obviously evil.

22.) That ALMOST looks like a cute dragon. Aside from the horror.

23.) NOPE.

24.) This playground was built by Communism and tears.

25.) I don’t get this art. Or why children should be forced to see it.

26.) Hey kids, if you’re going to hang out with Cthulhu monsters, make sure they’re the polite Cthulhu monsters.

27.) Inflatable dog fail.

(H/T usvsth3m and darkroastedblend) Woah. Now, I am seriously considering just keeping my kids in the yard from now on. There are obviously way too many playgrounds borne from nightmares in the world. Share these creepy playgrounds by clicking the button below!

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