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This Horribly Jerky Note Shows Why You NEVER Judge Someone Without Knowing Them.

Acting as a crusader and lashing out at others seems noble, but you should watch your mouth before you unleash a stream of hatred… because you could just be plain wrong. A man left an angry note on a car using a handicapped spot, asking to see his wheelchair. When the quadriplegic owner of the car returned to find it, he was stunned.

“I would love to see your wheelchair! I’m guessing male 25-35 yrs, professional who thinks he’s got the world by the ass. But I could be wrong.”

In fact, the anonymous author of the note couldn’t be MORE wrong. Matt Milstead is a quadriplegic and was the owner of the car. The writer of the note didn’t even get his age right – he’s 36.

He parked his car in a handicapped spot to play a game of wheelchair rugby at a YMCA.

When he saw the note, Matt was mainly confused. He had no idea why the person just assumed he was stealing the stealing the close spot and wasn’t actually handicapped.

His wife Leslie wrote a message on Facebook aimed at the culprit: “You were so close on the age, he’s actually 36, and he is a professional with a full time job. He is also a quadriplegic, which for him means that he can no longer move his legs or his fingers in either hand. He has no grip. So, if you are willing to give him your functioning hands and legs for the rest of your life in exchange for his 6-year-old BMW and handicapped parking pass, I’m sure he’d make that trade.”

She also wrote, “Why are you so confident that a handicapped person couldn’t be a hard worker who is successful and owns a nice vehicle?” … we think she has a fair point.

The anonymous author may have been attempting to do good, but instead, he just insulted the ONE person who would need the spot. Lesson learned, we hope.


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