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These In-Flight Meals Will Make You Want To Travel More. Yum!

Flying is almost always a headache. You have to consider your packing options before you make it to the airport. You need to then find a ride to the airport. When you arrive, you’re greeted by security lines that seem to get longer every time you travel.

Things don’t get much better once you find your seat. The best you can hope for on the long journey is a decent meal. If you’re flying the friendly skies with one of these airlines, you can rest assured knowing you’re in store for some good grub. We can’t help you with the crying babies and reclining passengers, but at least your stomach will be happy.

1.) Delta

Scrambled eggs, potato wedges, sausage, fruit salad, granola bar, and orange juice.

2.) TransAsia Airways

Fruit plate with yogurt, granola, and a selection of breads.

3.) Iberia Airlines

Croissant, omelette, ham, toast, fruit salad, and orange juice.

4.) EVA Airways Hello Kitty Jet

Miso soup, salad, omelette, rice, pickles, and a seafood dish.

5.) American Airlines

Lasagna, side salad, roll, carrot cake, and water.

6.) Turkish Airlines

Eggs, tomatoes, mushrooms, potatoes, fruit salad, and a bread roll.

7.) AeroMexico

Ham and cheese sandwich, salad, chocolate cake, and a roll.

8.) Kingfisher

Ragda pattice, chocolate cake, and tea packet.

9.) Air Canada

Cheese omelette with spinach, yogurt, roll, and fruit salad.

10.) DrukAir

Spicy tofu and vegetable noodles, fruit, yogurt, and a croissant.

11.) Air France

Chicken, pasta, a roll, fruit salad, and a tart for dessert.

12.) Cathay Pacific

Conchiglie in tomato sauce, a roll, side salad, pudding, and a bar of chocolate.

13.) DrukAir

14.) Vietnam Airlines

Salmon en croute, vegetables, a roll, and some fruit.

15.) Singapore Airlines

Tuna salad with apple and celery, pork with chicken rice, and a green tea cake.

16.) Lufthansa

Mezze plate, carrot and orange salad, rolls, and a tart.

17.) Japan Airlines

Green tea, miso soup, beef and rice, and a seafood dish.

18.) Korean Airlines

A vegetarian dish with fruit, pickles, and a roll.

(via BuzzFeed.)

I definitely need to start traveling more. Especially since these look infinitely better than what I had for lunch today.

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