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These 8 Psychological Facts Will Help You Understand A Lot More About Life. #5 Is A Game Changer.

Psychology is a powerful thing. It’s responsible for so much of what we do in life whether we’re conscious of it or not. Luckily, we’re here to help enlighten you about your own brain. Here are eight powerful psychological facts that will help you understand a lot more about life. 1). Colors.

Ever wondered why certains brands pick the colors they do for their logos? Well it’s all about psychology. Our brain associates certain emotions with certain colors as you can see in the chart above. 2.) Complementing intelligence.

When complementing a child it’s better to focus on the hard work they put in to achieve the result rather than praising their intelligence. That’s according to research from Columbia University’s Carol Dweck. An example would be saying something like “you must have worked very hard for this,” rather than saying “you are so smart!”. 3.) Lucid dreaming.

Video gamers are better at lucid dreaming than non-gamers. Check out this mini-guide on lucid dreaming.

  4.) Honesty and Eyes.

A pair of watching eyes whether real or not will make us all more honest, according to research from the University of New Castle. Researchers there tested employees in the break room by putting up a price list next to the coffee. On the days when printed eyes were at the top of the price list rather than a picture of flowers the staff paid more for their coffee. 5.) Be careful using “You”.

When you’re in an argument be careful using the word “you”. It’s accusatory by nature so it certainly won’t help your case. 6.) Getting to yes.

Need a yes? Try the following: When you’re asking someone for something make sure you nod your head. We have this nifty thing called “mirror neurons” in our brain which help us mimic the actions of others. If the person starts nodding they may also start to agree with you. When you have a large request or favor, make sure to start off by asking for smaller ones ahead of time. This is known as the foot in the door phenomenon. It goes the other way too. If you have a small thing to ask someone, start with something huge and outrageous which makes your actual favor seem like not such a big deal. 7.) Here’s a better way to criticise.

If someone is dead wrong, rather than yell at them outright make yourself the point of reference. For example: Not so good: You are dead wrong! Completely wrong!!!! More effective: I’m not sure I get what you just said. What I’m hearing is______. Am I understanding it wrong? 8.) Beware of those with bumper stickers.

(H/T: LifeBuzz) According to research out of Colorado State University those drivers who have decals, bumper stickers, and vanity plates are more prone to road rage incidents. Researchers say it’s because those who mark their territory are more aggressive individuals. Now I know why my favorite color is red. Share these facts with your friends by clicking below.

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