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‘So incredibly inept’: Will @BarackObama EVER stop peddling this bull?

If at first you don’t persuade … keep spewing the same B.S. Maybe if you say it enough times, it’ll be true!

Despite the fact that this argument has been shot full of holes, Team Obama is still running with it:

Except Farook and his darling wife weren’t on the no-fly list.

And you know what else, Barry? Even if they had been,they’d’ve found a way to get their hands on weapons anyway. Monsters hell-bent on massacring innocent people always find a way around the law. Go figure, right?

Oh yeah. Did you hear about that, Mr. President? According to Democratic Rep. Stephen Lynch, at least 72 DHS employees are listed on the terrorist watch list.

We’ve asked this question again and again, but clearly it bears repeating:If Obama is so concerned about all the terrorists running around trying to board planes and buy guns, then why are they still out there? Why haven’t they been caught?

One would think. But Barack Obama’s not terribly good at thinking.

Dangerous and deadly incompetence.

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