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See This Room? What One Guy Did With It Made His Fiance Leave Him… But I Say It’s Totally Worth It.

After reading a book called Ready Player One, video game enthusiast Chris Kooluris decided to renovate his New York City apartment. He wanted to transform his bedroom into an 1980s-themed arcade. The book made him realize something important: life is short, so you should surround yourself with things you love. So, after moving into his fiancee’s apartment in Brooklyn, Chris decided to redesign his own. He listed it after moving, but wasn’t getting any offers. Once he settled on keeping it, his video game obsession took over. The room ended up being awesome, but he had to sacrifice some things along the way… Like when he lost his fiancee.

Chris never expected his fiancee to leave him, but she gave him back the ring.

After his bedroom’s video game renovation was finished, so was she.

He meant for both of them to enjoy it, but now he sleeps on a futon alone.

“There’s a fine line between a hobby and an obsession, and I think what happened is I just got so consumed by it all,” Chris said.

The construction of this man cave put tension on the relationship.

The transformed bedroom includes games like Street Fighter II, The Kong Off, Punch-Out!, Tron and Fix It Felix Jr., the fictional game seen in Disney’s Wreck-It Ralph.

It’s a gamer’s dream come true.

This is what the bedroom looked like beforehand.

Having a passion is important, but it shouldn’t destroy the other things in your life.

(H/T Daily Mail) You should follow your dreams and do what you love, but sometimes that will have consequences. However, his fiancee left him for doing what he loved, so maybe he will be better off without her in the end. Your wife should be a partner, not an adversary. Support Chris and his dreams by sharing this with others.

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