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Reporter misquotes story; When corrected insists no one else read it


Heidi Moore, a reporter for The Guardian, made this claim today then got irritated when people questioned it’s veracity.



SC Lt. governor candidates spar over McMaster’s club membership

Sellers, who could be the first African-Americans elected to statewide office since Reconstruction, said he decided to make McMaster’s membership at the Forest Lake Club an issue because he wants to move South Carolina away from its past, including bouts with racism. (emphasis added)

Clearly her tweet was not a direct quote. Also her tweet leaves out the words “elected to.” Senator Tim Scott was elected to the House of Representatives, but he was appointed by Governor Nikki Hailey to the U.S. Senate when Senator Jim DeMint resigned. So the article is correct while Moore’s tweet was not.


Apparently neither did you since your “direct quote” was not a direct quote.


And some wonder why the media isn’t trusted.

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