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Q&A with Pete Weir: Republican, candidate for Jeffco District Attorney

About Weir: A one-term incumbent, Weir has 37 years of experience within the Colorado criminal justice system. He has served as a prosecutor, district court judge, executive director of the Colorado Department of Public Safety, a chairman for the Colorado Commission on Criminal and Juvenile Justice, and as the executive director of the Colorado District Attorneys’ Council.More information: Peteweir.com; [email protected]; Twitter at @PeteWeirDA; 303-503-0278; Pete Weir for District Attorney; P.O. Box 17528, Golden, Co. 80402;Why should voters choose you for this office?I lead the finest District Attorney’s Office in Colorado. With 37 years of criminal justice experience, I distinguish between good citizens who have made a mistake and criminals who threaten our community. The result is aggressive prosecution for some, while diversion and problem solving courts are appropriate for others. Special emphasis is placed on protecting our most vulnerable citizens, children and senior citizens. Community outreach and education help prevent victimization and enhance public safety.Describe an accomplishment that best illustrates your effectiveness as a leader.Human trafficking, the sexual and commercial exploitation of young women, will not be tolerated in Jefferson County. I established a Human Trafficking Unit in the District Attorney’s Office dedicated to rescuing at risk girls and prosecuting their predators. This is the only unit in a DA’s office in Colorado dedicated exclusively to eradicating human trafficking. I was also a leader in establishing a Veterans’ Treatment Court and an Adult Mental Health Court.What steps should your office take to keep up with shifting legal landscape surrounding marijuana?The DA’s office continues to work closely with local law enforcement agencies in separating lawful users from those who abuse the law with illegal grows and distribution. The impact of legalization on juveniles is concerning. The data regarding the adverse consequences of marijuana on juveniles continues to develop. I am leading an effort focused on juvenile substance abuse that will focus on appropriate education, intervention and prevention of drug use by our kids.How best should the First Judicial District use diversion courts, such as those for drug users or veterans?Diversion programs within the District Attorney’s Office are used extensively and are extremely effective for appropriate offenders. Juvenile, adult and veterans’ diversion programs combine accountability with services while minimizing consequences for criminal behavior. The problem solving courts, including Drug Recovery Court, Adult and Juvenile Mental Health Courts, and Veterans’ Treatment Court, focus on the factors that lead to criminal activity, including substance abuse and mental health disorders, by providing treatment and counseling.Crime rates ticked upwards last year after years of decline. As DA, how would you respond?A multi-faceted approach helps ensure a safe community. Aggressive prosecution, problem solving courts, diversion programs, and community outreach address crime in our community. Mental health and substance abuse issues will continue to be addressed. Partnerships with law enforcement, forged over years of working together are essential. I also represent Colorado’s prosecutors on the Colorado Commission on Criminal and Juvenile Justice focusing on systemic criminal justice issues, including crime rates.

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