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Q&A with Frank Teunissen: Republican, candidate for Jefferson County Commission, District 2

About Teunissen: The banker by trade served four years in the Navy, and attended William Rainey Harper College, in Illinois He has lived in Jefferson County for 28 years.More information: [email protected]; www.FrankTeunissen.com; www.Facebook.com/CitizensforFrankTeunissen/Why should voters choose you for this office?I was raised in Jeffco and my wife and I are raising our three boy here so I will work to continue to have Jeffco be a great place to live and raise children. In addition I’ve spent 25 years in the private sector helping businesses create good jobs and helping grow the economy so we can live, play and retire in this amazing place.Describe an accomplishment that best illustrates your effectiveness as a leader.We had a fast growing company that wanted a loan for additional capital to continue to support expansion. Because of their fast growth they were a risky investment but needed the capital to expand. My team worked to understand the concerns of the investors, teamed with the client to develop a solid presentation which addressed the investors’ concerns and the business loan was approved. It was a team effort that lead to success for everyone.How will you help address the county’s growing senior population?I’m excited to work with the community to make sure that resources are available to support the residents who have lived and worked to make Jefferson County great. With the rapid appreciation of homes, it’s hard to find housing that is low maintenance and meets seniors’ needs. I will work to make sure seniors voices are heard as we plan for development and that the resources they need are easily accessible.What other issue would you want to focus on while in office?I believe we have the world’s best playground in our backyard. I’ll work to make sure we protect our great resources and balance that with the expected rapid growth of our population. We must continue to invest in open space, reduce regulation and invest in infrastructure so we can bring good paying jobs to Jefferson County. I want this to be a place where our children and grandchildren can afford to raise their families.What else should voters know about you?I’m a Jeffco graduate and our three boys will be as well. We chose to raise our children here and plan to retire here. We envision being able to enjoy this great playground with our grandchildren. I appreciate the great leadership we have in Jefferson County and the employees who want to serve citizens and look for ways to be more efficient. I’ll continue to work hard for Jeffco residents.

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