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Perlmutter’s office shares aging tips

Congressman Ed Perlmutter’s office offered seniors an opportunity to learn about Medicare Part D enrollment, social security and other health service options at a seniors resource fair on Nov. 21 in Lakewood.

Around 200 seniors stopped by to speak with representatives from groups like the Jewish Family Service Center, Jefferson County District Attorney and Centura Health LINKS.

“I’m retiring next year and so many people try to recruit seniors into their groups or plans,” said Lakewood resident Dan Noyes. “I wanted to go to a place where I wouldn’t be sold and could find resources on the information I will need.”

Several organizations hosted “Ignite Sessions” on specific issue areas, such as warning signs of scams, how to detect a stroke, blood pressure check and top ten signs of Alzheimer’s.

Representatives from the Department of Regulatory Agencies’ (DORA) State Health Insurance Assistance Programs (SHIP) were helping seniors with questions about their plans and what other, better options are.

“Seniors need to be diligent about checking their plans every year,” explained Kathy Madden, SHIP partner services training manager. “People don’t know a lot about SHIP but those that do love us and those who don’t can’t believe what we do when they learn about us.”

SHIP helps any senior who calls with all issues related to Medicare, from claims and billing to doctors referrals and fraud.

The nonpartisan group is staffed almost entirely by volunteers and has affiliates all over the state. SHIP works with homeless groups and other nonprofit agencies to provide information for the community.

“These kinds of events are where people come for information,” Madden said. “We participate so we can let them know we’re here.”

William Kister, with Centura Health LINKS, said the Medicare specialists on hand look at people’s prescription lists and other medical information to see which plan would be the best for them.

“These kinds of events are great for us because we can meet with people face-to-face,” said Kister. “We field around 6,000 calls in seven weeks (during the enrollment period).”

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