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People finding themselves turned down by ACA marketplace


Wait a minute — turned down by the Obamacare health insurance marketplace? We thought the whole idea of the Affordable Care Act was to ensure that every American has health care coverage. Some who are finally making their way through the labyrinthine HealthCare.gov application process are being told to look elsewhere for care, such as community health centers.

That almost sounds like something one of those evil private insurance companies might try to get away with.





That tweeter wrote in a blog post:

I find three requirements for purchasing insurance through the Marketplace: (1) live in the US, (2) be a US citizen, and (3) not be incarcerated. I meet all of these requirements. My granddaughter, for whom I’m trying to purchase insurance, also meets all these requirements. So, why am I not eligible to purchase insurance in the Marketplace?

I called Healthcare.gov customer service and asked this question. They instructed me to download an appeal form and mail in an appeal. The appeal instructions suggest I may want to involve my attorney. I should not have to hire an attorney to purchase health insurance for my granddaughter.

Involve an attorney? We thought this was supposed to be easy. Are these just a handful of outliers, or is there another reason to distrust Obamacare?

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