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Open your heart eagerly

Most of us open our hearts on occasion, but many do this far too infrequently. While this is a learned trait, it’s also something that is easily changed. It’s easily changed if you want to. An open heart provides more joy, better health, improved and stronger relationships, lots more fun, and an overall glow. With all of these benefits, what are you waiting for?

We’ve been trained since little kids to behave a certain way and use our heads more than our hearts. Much of this training was from the understanding that our brains are our “knowledge” organ. Our hearts were thought to be a muscle designed to pump blood throughout our body.

Recent studies prove this is not the case. We are far more powerful and diverse than originally thought. Rigorous studies by HeartMath, Heart/Mind Connection, etc., are trail-blazers in demonstrating this connection and using it to your benefit.

Switching to a habit of opening your heart is very achievable. No magic involved, but it does take intention and discipline. You’re spent years building the habit of living with a closed heart so you can’t stop doing this immediately. It’s like turning an aircraft carrier around – it doesn’t happen on a dime. You’ve built a lot of momentum moving in the direction of choice and you can’t just change this in an instant.

What you can do in an instant is make the decision to change and start a new habit. From this point forward it takes diligence and a commitment, but you will ultimately succeed. As with building any habit, reward yourself along the way. Look for things during your day to open your heart to. Anything –; just find more and more things to appreciate. The sunrise. The fact that you have a beautiful house to live in. Your health. The great variety of people you work with. Find something in each person that you can open your heart to. The fact that you live in an abundant, free, society with a plethora of choices. It really doesn’t matter what it is, just open your heart to it and find something to love about it.

Look for reasons to open your heart. Get creative and make a game of it. With practice you’ll get very good at viewing life with an open heart and this will become your “normal” mode of operation. You won’t remember how you did it otherwise and will soon forget your old ways of living and making decisions. There isn’t anything wrong with that way – it’s just not as complete and is detrimental to your long-term health. By opening your heart you gain input which is oftentimes much better than just making a rational decision.

The way we were taught to live life and make decisions is just that – a way. Not necessarily “THE WAY” –; just a way. There are a multitude of ways to live and choices to make. So why not start living with an open heart and relish the new experiences and feelings? Add another dimension to your life’s experiences and move forward with a sense of love and anticipation. These are much preferred over dread and loathing.

Begin to make decisions using your heart. Instead of living in your head all the time and making “logical” choices, begin to incorporate your heart and the “feeling” of the situation or desired action. Your heart is a great integrator and will take into account your mental and emotional states and guide you. We are now learning that your heart is actually able to tap into other vibrations and integrate this information if you will only allow it.

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