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Nothing typical about musical in Lakewood

While the audience continues to find seats at Lakewood’s The Edge Theater, four actors begin a slow game of pool in the Manhattan bar that takes up the entire stage space. They move slowly, carefully and gracefully around the table, which almost plays a part in the cabaret-scaled musical, “Murder Ballad.”This is the first production of a musical for the adventurous Edge Theater and it’s an adventure for the audience. It’s sung-through — no spoken dialogue in its 80-some minutes — and there’s a strong four-piece rock band, directed by Jason Tyler Vaughn, for accompaniment to singers and for mood-setting.The four actors, Shannan Steele (Sarah), Kent Randell (Tom), Robert Michael Sanders (Michael) and Mary McGroary (narrator) bring strong voices and stage skills to this really interesting theatrical offering, and director Rick Yaconis and choreographer Marquette Lia Carrington have carefully choreographed each move. They’re not dancing exactly, but there’s a distinct rhythm throughout and moves are precise.Early on, it’s suggested that someone will have to die … Seth Maisel was fight choreographer, another necessary role.Sarah has been a city girl, in a somewhat shaky relationship with dangerous ex, bartender Tom. She has opted, instead, for life with mild-mannered, steady Michael — and a baby daughter eventually.A sexy bartender serves as narrator throughout, moving the tense tale along. Mary McGroary is edgy and excellent in this role, which weaves the story elements together, adding thoughts of her own.Lives begin to shatter as a bored Sarah is drawn back to Tom in the daytime and Michael eventually discovers what’s going on.This story of a love triangle gone wrong is the same stuff that has formed operas and traditional musicals for eons, but this presentation is today’s version. The King’s Club barroom set doesn’t change at all and a few additional props get moved around. Lighting highlights the actors’ movements, but maintains a feeling of closed-in, stuffy surroundings.Area theater buffs will not want to miss this challenging new production, written by award-winning composer Juliana Nash, with book and lyrics by Julia Jordan. It was a popular hit during its off-Broadway run and is starting to be produced around the country now. This is a regional premiere.If you go”Murder Ballad” plays through Sept. 25 at The Edge Theater, 1560 S. Teller St., Lakewood. Performances: 8 p.m. Fridays, Saturdays and 6 p.m. Sundays. There will be dancing in the King’s Club on Fridays and Saturdays after the show and a special cabaret performance at 11:45 p.m. on Sept. 24 (no 8 p.m. show). Tickets cost $ 32, $ 40 on Sept. 24. Available online, theedgetheater.com, or at 303-232-0363.

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