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Neville slides in as senator for District 16

Nearly a week after mid-term elections, unofficial results for the senate race in District 16 has Republican Tim Neville replacing incumbent Jeanne Nicholson, D-Blackhawk.

Senate District 16 lies along the Front Range and covers all of Gilpin County and portions of Boulder and Jefferson counties, as well as areas in Littleton and Englewood.

It was a close race with Neville winning by 2 percent.

Although Nicholson collected the most votes in Boulder, Denver and Gilpin, Jeffco’s size and therefore key influence in state elections gave Neville the unpredicted advantage he needed, with the majority of votes captured in Jeffco going to him.

“It wasn’t a surprise from our standpoint,” Neville said of his win. “When I was calling on voters, in particular unaffiliated voters, we did a lot of walking in precincts and knocking on doors –; there was a lot of frustration out there with the way government is going in the state and of course at the federal level, too. People are ready to have government take more of a limited role in their lives,” Neville said.

After 10 years, GOP took back the state senate in the general election as well as the U.S. Congress.

But Neville said the voters he spoke too were not concerned about the state of affairs from a particular party standpoint.

“They’re looking for things that work and getting back to basically what our roots are,” he said. “I think they relate to self-governance.”

Next year, his priorities will focus on health care and education, specifically Common Core and Teaching Strategies Gold (TS Gold). “We also have the issue of just the budget itself and the continuing growth of Medicaid,” he said. “I’m hoping we can find some across the aisle support and work with our Democratic cohorts in the senate to look at some common sense solutions for those things.”

Although members have not yet been announced for senate committees, Neville reported he showed a strong interest for business, education and energy committees.

Sen. Vicki Marble, R-Fort Collins of SD-23, is pleased to be working with Neville once again to tackle issues surrounding education, energy and health care that Marble said should never have been politicized.

“I am so happy for Colorado and the ability to elect such a dynamic person like Tim who is so steeped in the principals of the party and so knowledgeable about our constitution and our rights,” Marble said. “It’s going to be an honor to serve with such a great man –; if he gives you his word, it’s as good as delivered.”

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