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My Name Is… Heidi Eversley

About meMy family has roots in Colorado and has been here for several generations, but I was born in Seattle, Washington. We moved back to Denver when I was a toddler. My husband Richard and I feel so fortunate to live in Lakewood, such a beautiful place to raise our children, and I love to enjoy the great Colorado outdoors.My artI have been an artist since I was a teenager. My first influence was my sister, Suzanne Williams, who is also an artist. Growing up, we were always involved in some sort of art project.I’ve always been interested in art because it allows me to express ideas, emotions and realities that can be expressed no other way. Creating art is essential for my own well-being.I have stylistically always been an experimenter exploring from an odd angle, perspective or depth to create something intersectional. As an artist, through the years, I have journeyed through many traditional media. I have a fine arts degree with a concentration in printmaking and ceramics, which later evolved into painting and sculpture before it entered the digital realm and into motion art.On display at the Denver Art MuseumI participated in a Motion Arts exhibition at the Niza Knoll gallery in the Sante Fe Arts District in February 2016. Representatives from the Denver Art Museum attended the show and invited me to participate in the visiting artist program in the Movement Studio at the museum.As a visiting artist at the Denver Art Museum and part of the demo artist program, I felt honored and extremely excited to have the opportunity to engage with the public on the topic of art and the importance of art in our daily lives. What I loved most about the experience is the range of people who were interested and involved in the conversation, many of whom participated in a visitor art project I had set up.The power of artArt is a positive force that connects people to ideas and to each other through the past, present and future. It fosters understanding in a way that other forms of communication can’t. Art can connect, heal, bring balance and be an important start to finding solutions to problems and difficulties of our time.

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