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My name is Carrieann McDonough

Falling in love with Colorado

My husband John and I met in college in Iowa. We fell in love with all things Colorado and moved out here.

I worked at the Department of Energy for three years and I worked at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory for 18 years. So I’ve worked in Golden for about 21 years, but we finally moved here in 2006.

Both my daughters went to Shelton Elementary. My oldest just started her freshman year at Golden High School, and my youngest started sixth grade –; still at Shelton –; this year.

Surviving cancer

I was diagnosed with colon cancer in 2009. I went through surgery, chemo and radiation. After treatment, the doctors sent me back to my life with a clean bill of health, but I couldn’t really fit back in. After trying many different things, it was yoga and alternative healing that got me back to my life.

Yoga helps me feel in touch with myself. It helps me fight the fear that follows you after cancer treatment.

I used to be a triathlete and it felt like I was always running from something. Yoga forces me to stop and be present in the moment. Your mind and your body are connected.

In 2013, I got the opportunity to open Golden Yoga & Healing Arts (511 Orchard St.) as a way to provide a space for an entire family’s healing needs. It’s not just a yoga space –; it’s about finding your community and the healing strength to move forward with your life.

Something for everyone

Golden Yoga & Healing Arts has some amazing teachers. We offer all different styles of yoga –; it’s not just one size fits all. We believe in yoga for everyone of all ages. Every yoga style has different healing qualities and works for different peoples’ bodies.

We also offer massage therapy, reiki –; an energy healing, ionic foot detox, crystal healing beds and many workshops.

A dream to support others

I do a lot of volunteer work with cancer patients –; mostly providing reiki to those going through treatment. I love being there for people in ways that were not available to me.

Through treatment, I felt like I was alone. There was stuff to do, but I was finding myself and doing it for myself. There was no connectedness.

My dream has always been to create a place where people can come together and support each other through whatever is going on in their life.

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