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Mobile Home Destroyed in Fire

Around 12:30 a.m., Golden Dispatchers received a call of a mobile home on fire at 375 C Street in the Golden Terrace Mobile Home Park in Golden.  When fire crews arrived, the home was completely engulfed in flames.  As a result, firefighters could not enter the home and instead worked to protect surrounding homes and put out the fire.

One other home next door received some heat damage and the home that was on fire is a complete loss.  Investigators do not know at this time if anyone was in the home.  They will search for a cause and any possible victims, while Golden Police attempt to contact the home owners.  The investigation will begin once there is daylight, in order to protect investigators from hazards that cannot be seen in the dark.

Because there are a limited number of fire hydrants in the area, fire crews used the water from their trucks to put out the fire.  Pleasant View Fire was the first on scene along with Golden Fire, West Metro Fire and Fairmount Fire.

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