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Letter: Why I am voting yes on continuing SCFD

In 2015 our region spent $ 53 Million on the arts. What did we get for that?

We got $ 367 Million in cultural tourism, 7 times as much as the investment.

We got an innovative and creative workforce. The arts makes our homegrown workforce more creative and is one of the reasons why Denver is one of the cities attracting the most millennial workers. Colorado is top in the nation for adults who preform or create art. We are top in the nation for classical music concerts, dance, theater, and art museum attendance. What does this mean in terms of business? It is because of these creative workers that we have more start-ups than even San Francisco.

We got businesses choosing to locate in our region. Businesses go where workers choose to live and workers want to live in places with a high quality of life. This is part of why our employment rate is consistently above the national average.

In 1988 we came together around a vision of an exciting enriching place and as a result our economy is strong and we get the extra bonus of hearing live music, seeing community plays, and going to museums, the zoo and the botanic gardens. What an amazing place to live.


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