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Letter: Walk or bike

Having lived out of state for five years, and having recently moved back to Denver metro, the increase in traffic jams, air pollution and obesity over these last five years is obvious.  

I would like to point out some of the many advantages of walking, riding a bike and taking RTD or the train whenever possible, such as:

Remaining fit and living longer with less disability.

Decreased poverty and lower health insurance premiums (by avoiding early obesity-related illness and disability).

Decreased horrible traffic jams, fatal accidents and road-rage incidents.

Maintenance of  an environment that does not sicken or kill asthmatics and others with lung disease.

Having more time to catch up on work (on the bus or train) rather than fight traffic.

Doing your part to avoid contributing as much to global warming and consequent anticipated coastal refugee crisis.

Saving money by not owning more cars per family or group of housemates than needed.

Increased ability to be appealing as a mate by staying fit via walking, running or biking to the train or bus.

Alice Neumann




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