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Letter: Trump and his tax returns

Donald Trump’s taxes contain the information upon which he is basing his campaign – his claim to superior financial worth, knowledge and largess. The public needs to see the evidence! Hillary has released 39 years of her taxes. She has already had her emails extensively reviewed … likewise, regarding Benghazi and the Clinton Foundation (“A” rating, higher than the Red Cross!) All claims against her have been investigated, mostly led by Republicans, with nothing prosecutable found on any of them! Donald’s tax returns (requested of all presidential candidates), have been under audit for 15 years – already a red flag! After we see those, a prosecutor needs to report on allegations about Trump “University” (including the “donation” made right before a prior case was dropped) and the Trump “charitable” Foundation! Only then will Donald Trump’s vetting be somewhat comparable to that of Hillary’s! His refusal to cooperate already tells me plenty!

Ray Goodhart,




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