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Letter to the editor: Koch brothers good for business

I am a voting resident of Denver and own a small business, but I am not politically active. It is just not my thing. On the flip side, I know business owners on opposing ends of the political spectrum who are more politically active. George Soros and Charles and David Koch are good examples.

What business leaders like Soros and the Kochs do personally with their politics is their choice. That’s how it should be. What is often left out of any conversation, however, is that they run successful businesses that provide jobs and help drive economic growth. I think this has happened to the Kochs, who have been in the news on a daily basis.

That’s why I’m so pleased to see that people have been telling of Koch Industries as of late. Many may recognize the company’s name, but they may not have an understanding of the products or services provided by them or how those products help people improve their lives every day. For those who may not know what Koch Industries does, it is a manufacturing company with interests in everything from refining to paper products to fertilizers. Here in Colorado, Koch Industries is active in the oil and gas industries and provides millions in compensation and benefits to Coloradans.

Growing employees into skilled workers is a goal I share with Koch Industries. I am able to employ dozens of sub-contractors to service 1,500 customers in my lawn care business. Like Koch Industries, I work to reinvest earnings into capital to help grow and expand.

Businesses and their leadership should be measured not by their politics but by how they are providing jobs, effectively managing their people and processes, and serving as strong community partners.

KC Ingraham


Owner of King Tree & Property Services, LLC, and the former Vice-President of the Colorado State University Alumni Association


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