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Letter: Quite taxing

Can the long suffering taxpayers of Jeffco really afford:

The new10 percent tax burden stemming from the open-ended pie-in-the-skyAmendment 69 (aka ColoradoCare)?

Plusthe 3A, 3B taxes resultingfrom our school board’s mill and bond levies, which have balloon payment features after 10 years (costing an additional $ 200 million, yes $ 200 million, in interest)?

Plus increased futureproperty taxes mandated by rising property value assessmentsbuoyed by our current’housing price’bubble?

Plusthe rising price of food?

And, if they are Arvada residents, plusa proposed road maintenancetax?

Will those deemed “cash cows” by their elected officials, here and in many other counties across the state, recognize the ultimate “‘straw…” and accept the consequences?

Or will they prove to be as obstinate as camels and have the courage to vote NO on every bloated issue on their November ballots? 

Russell W Haas,




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