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Letter: Jeffco bond an incredible opportunity

This November, Jeffco voters have an incredible opportunity to make a significant difference for our great school system by voting yes on Jeffco Schools 3A & 3B.

Jeffco Schools 3A, a mill levy override, will allow Jeffco to offer competitive salaries to attract and retain the best teachers, increase the safety and security of our students, fund a half-time counselor in all elementary schools, and prepare students for careers and college by expanding programs such as STEM, career and tech education, art, music, and PE.

The bond, 3B, will upgrade safety and security in our buildings, make long overdue repairs and improvements to 110 schools, renovate or expand 45 schools, build four replacement schools, build three new schools in high growth areas, and ensure Jeffco students have access to current technology.

3B will support Jeffco’s plan to implement a 6-8 middle school configuration across the district so that all of our sixth graders can receive the opportunities sixth graders in Conifer, Evergreen, Chatfield and Golden schools receive. This includes access to content experts, accelerated math course work, daily electives including foreign language, art, music, PE and STEM-based courses. It also includes the chance to build a stronger middle school community as students are not transitioning in one year and transitioning out the next. Having taught middle school for 25 years, I know first-hand the benefits of having sixth-grade students in middle school. In the areas implementing, Jeffco 6-8 middle schools offer a positive, well-rounded, enriching experience and we want all of our students to have these opportunities.

Please vote yes on 3A and 3B on Nov. 8.

Ali Lasell,

Jeffco School Board, 1st Vice President



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