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Letter: Easy for even kids to do good

As founder of the Stink Bug Project – a nonprofit that pairs companion dogs with seriously ill children – I know it’s possible for young people like me to make an impact in the world. Probably more than at any other time, young people today are aware of the challenging issues of our times.

I was only nine when I created the Stink Bug Project after my own fight with brain cancer. Helping kids feel better during a serious illness has been the most rewarding experience of my life. Other young people can feel this kind of gratification by finding a cause they care about and supporting it through fundraising among friends and family, volunteering or donating money.

Hundreds of Colorado nonprofits need our support. One of the easiest ways to find a good cause is through a new website created especially for kids. It’s called KidsforColoradoGives.org, and if you’ve ever donated on ColoradoGives.org, then you’re already familiar with this easy, secure platform.

I’m living proof that you’re never too young to change someone’s life.

Allison Winn,





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