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Letter: Concern for clean air seconded

Regarding Mr. Sampson’s letter “Loss for clean air” …

I also mourn the loss of the Renewable Energy Labs and of our country. One thing we can do as a county is to ensure that we do not leave our vehicles running when they are not in motion.

Every day I see people sitting in their vehicles with the motor running while they send a text or make a phone call.

Yesterday I bought gas and the car next to me was left running while he fueled it (bad idea) and then he went into the station, purchased a sandwich, and leaned against his car, still running, to eat his sandwich! A car does not need to be running in order to send a text or eat lunch and for each minute it is running, it is adding poisonous carbon dioxide to our already foul air. Newer model cars do not need to be “warmed up” and in fact should not be. If drivers are too cold or too warm, they should go into a building.

Without clean air and clean water nothing else matters.

Kathleen Flynn,




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