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Kids Were Abusing This Poor Dog With Sticks. They Had No Idea What Was About To Happen… OMG.

A dog was found wandering the streets, heavily pregnant and being chased by children. They were trying to hit hr with sticks. She was neglected, abused and desperately needed some help. A stranger rescued her and dropped her off at a kill shelter, cold and alone. Her time was almost up when a group of kindhearted souls from Wonder Dog Rescue saved her. Almost immediately after leaving the shelter, something amazing happened. She went into labor.

Betty was in bad shape when found in the shelter.

After being alone and stressed for so long, the poor girl didn’t know what to make of life.

Not only that, but she was heavily pregnant.

Within an hour of leaving the shelter with her new foster mom Chelsey from Wonder Dog Rescue, she had her pups!

Betty couldn’t even wait to leave the car.

The little mommy was skinny and shy, but the folks a the rescue and Chelsey were happy to help her.

She was sweet, though.

Not only that, but she was a terrific mother.

At one point, a pup became sick and wouldn’t feed…

But with mommy’s help, it made a triumphant comeback.

Soon, he was fat and happy.

The pups were growing quickly.

Not only that, but they got tons of love (unlike what their experience would have been like in a shelter).

Oh, what’s under there?


I want to kiss those wee paws.

The happy, squirmy family.

At 4 weeks.

The pups were soon getting their own adorable personalities.

Like this little ham!

Betty was an exhausted, but proud, mommy.

A final family nap before adoption.

When adoption day came, every puppy quickly found a forever home.

So many wonderful families were excited to take Betty’s puppies.

They would never wander the streets like their momma.

They didn’t know it yet, but these pups were about to be extremely spoiled.

Especially by these two little girls.

Even Betty found a loving home!

Betty and her puppies could have had such a tragic ending. Instead of getting rescued, Betty could have died on the streets or in the shelter. Rescuing and fostering dogs is a wonderful act of kindness. Not only are you doing good, but you’re saving lives. Visit Wonder Dog Rescue’s site, there are plenty of other dogs needing loving homes. Or, if you can’t adopt one yourself, you can make a donation. If you’d like to help out your local rescue operations, donate to the ASPCA or Humane Society. Every little bit helps animals like Betty! If you loved her happy ending, share it with others.

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