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Jimmy Fallon’s Had Plenty Of Guests On His Show, But This One’s The Creepiest

We all like to kid around that robots are going to take over the world and wipe out humanity someday, but the scary thing is that it’s actually kind of true.

Hundreds of thousands of jobs have become automated in the U.S. in the past few decades, and most people carry electronic devices like smart phones around with them wherever they go. We’ve reached a point in our society where not much is completed without some form of technology, and robots resembling human beings already exist. While they’re created to make our lives easier, you can’t ignore the creeping fear that once they’re developed enough, they might do away with us altogether. This robot gives me all of those feelings.

Recently on “The Tonight Show,” Jimmy Fallon met Sophia, an alarmingly lifelike robot. He got to witness a few of the amazing things she’s capable of, but one thing she mentioned should probably give us at least a little cause for concern.

Watch Jimmy’s cool (but also creepy) interview with Sophia below, and be sure to listen up around the 4:58 mark.

You’re probably thinking she was just joking — as far as robots can joke — but just listen to her talking about what she wants to do to humans again in this video. Yikes.

While there’s no question that she’s an amazing piece of technology, you also can’t deny that there’s something pretty terrifying about her. Be sure to share if watching her interact with other makes you feel very uneasy.

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