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In the market for joy

Finding a unique gift can be a major undertaking, especially with so many sales and locations jockeying for attention.

The Arvada Center makes it easy for those looking to find just the right gift for the art lover with its 28th annual Fine Art Market Show and Sale, and the 7th annual Arvada Center Educational Studios (ACES) sale. Both sales begin Thursday, Dec. 11, and will be open to shoppers through Sunday, Dec. 21.

Both shows are at the center, 6901 Wadsworth Blvd., with the Fine Art Market in the main gallery and the ACES show in the upper gallery.

The Fine Art Market will feature affordable works in every medium, from jewelry to sculpture to paintings, and all the works are created by Colorado artists.

The market is the only fundraiser the gallery has all year, and is primarily invitational, with a few new artists added every year.

The ACES holiday sale was created as an offshoot of the studios’ annual spring sale, and offers ceramic works from instructors and higher-level students of the center’s classes. About 51 participants have contributed work to this year’s sale.

Both shows include return artists, who view participating as an annual tradition.

“This is the only holiday show I do every year. If anywhere else called me to do one, I don’t think I’d even call back,” said Sharon Meriash with a laugh. “I’ve been doing this (the Fine Art Market) for a long time now, and I know customers look forward to it.”

Lynne Schrieber, a relative newcomer to the center, has been taking classes for about a year. This will be her third ACES show.

“I haven’t done a lot of formal selling so this is a wonderful opportunity for me to learn how to approach a sale,” she said. Schrieber is a potter and said she’s been working on bringing the right kinds of pieces to the sale.

“I take it as a challenge –; picking the right kind of works and prices for the market,” said Judy Gardner, who works with Meriash on 2D and 3D creations on a 3D printer. “Do you bring small pieces that might sell better or bring big, splashy ones since it’s the Arvada Center? This year I think I’m going to try bringing small works that make up one large piece.”

While the diversity of options in both gifts and prices is a key selling point for customers, for artists the markets offer a chance to share in community during the holidays.

“I’ve been taking classes here for a while, and there is such a community here,” Schrieber said. “It’s great to be doing a show with instructors I know and fellow students.”

Organizers of both shows make sure only the highest caliber artists are on display.

“A lot of festivals you go to let anyone in who pays the booth fee,” Gardner said.

“The quality of work is so high here, and you know you’re going to be shown with other great art,” Meriash added.

For more information call 720-898-7200 or visit www.arvadacenter.org.

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