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Here Are The 9 Most Disgusting Things You’ve Been Eating Your Whole Life…And Had No Idea.

If we are what we eat, then everyone is in big trouble. What would you say if I told you that your favorite food, the one your mom made every Thanksgiving, the one you looked forward to eating all year long, contained some of the most disgusting and dangerous ingredients on the planet?  Or even worse, what if you found out the breakfast you ate this morning contained toxins banned in most third-world countries? Unfortunately, we’ve all probably gone fallen victim to at least one of these “ingredients,” if not more.  If you want to learn what to avoid in the future, you’ve got to check this out:

1. Borax – Listed under “ingredients” as E285, you can still buy caviar in the US containing this well known cleaning product

2. Flame Retardant – Better lay off the orange soda! Listed under “ingredients” as Brominated vegetable oil, you’ll find it in your citrus flavored soda.

3. Human hair – Oddly this “ingredient” is often listed as L-Cysteine. But you’ll commonly find it in bagels, cakes, and more!

4. Biodiesel Additive – Meet Tertiary butylhydroquinone, the “ingredient” you find in chicken nuggets. Uh oh…

5. Sand – If your soup tastes gritty, now you know why. Just check the ingredient list for silicon dioxide.

6. Beaver Anal Secretions – Yes, this is true. The “ingredient”, listed as Castoreum, is widely found in vanilla flavored treats.

7. Coal Tar – Listed as “food coloring”, it’s in almost any artificially-dyed food.

8. Jet Fuel Additive – Who would have thought my morning cereal would contain Butylated hydroxytoluene?

9. Anti-freeze – Listed under “ingredients” as Propylene Glycol, better think twice before ordering that thick and creamy salad dressing!

An optimist would say that the next time you want an ice cream cone, just picture a side of beaver anal secretions.  That should help you stick to your diet.  Me though, I never wanted to learn how the sausage was made.  But at least now I know just what I’m putting into my body. (H/T Huffington Post) Share this information with others by clicking on the button below.

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