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Here Are 29 Pictures That Seem Totally Legit… Except NOT AT ALL. #10 Is Beyond Ridiculous.

How many times do we see things, take them for granted, and then five minutes later say, “Wait, what?!” I do it all the time. I’m invested in my own little world, walking down the street playing another pivotal game of Angry Birds, when I glance up to see a man standing at a bus stop. No big deal. I’ll bury my head back down into my game, trying to make the last critical shot, and carry on my merry way. But then just as I pass… “Wait, what?!” I realize I missed something. I turn around, and see a old man boarding the bus in his pajamas or something. Oh well, maybe I should pay more attention. Or maybe you should check out these seemingly legit photos and do a double take of your own…

1. No doubt.

2. Blasphemy!

3. But I thought it was real!

4. Totally legit.

5. Umm…

6. LOL.

7. There’s something definitely NOT magical about these.

8. I do trust you.

9. As opposed to…

10. I could stare in your “fake” eyes forever.

11. Only in my dreams…only in my dreams.

12. “Your not thinking fourth dimensionally. In the future, it will exist.”

13. Again, totally legit.

14. No words needed.

15. Hmm.

16. But, officer!

17. Do you see it?

18. I’m doing this!

19. And yet again, totally legit. Come on people!

20. Awesomesauce.

21. I’ll bet everything in my pocket that tourists fell for this.

22. Well if we’re just handing them out…

23. Sweet kicks.

24. Ha!

25. I totally tried to pull this off. Better luck next time!

26. Sandlot anyone?

27. Well, he needs a goal.

28. Please don’t fall for this.

29. Sigh.

So the lesson learned here is to never take anything for granted. Because everything is ridiculous. Or something. Either way, share these totally “legit” photos with your friends below.

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