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Here Are 12 Extra Senses You Probably Didn’t Know You Had. Incredible!

As kids, we were all taught that we had 5 senses: sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell. As it turns out, you were lied to. As humans, we actually have quite a few more extraordinary senses that no one told you about, but I’m about to teach you right now. You probably use most of these senses every day, but never realized it.



1.) Ovulation Sensing

Apparently, men can sense when a woman is ovulating and immediately becomes more attracted to her. He will adjust his behavior accordingly.

2.) Thermoception

This sense (that no one explicitly told you about) is our ability to detect heat and/or cold. We don’t need to touch a fire to know that it is hot, we can just sense it by being near it.

3.) Lying Perception

Certain people have the incredible sense to pick up on when people are lying via minute facial changes. Also, the human brain can sense when a smile is fake or real, so don’t try to fool us!

4.) Blindsight


Blind people can sometimes adapt to their disability to achieve what is known as blindsight. Since the problem doesn’t lie in the eyes, but rather the signalers that travel to the brain, their eyes can still sometimes still see their surroundings and adapt to them. Certain blind people have been known to navigate mazes without issue because of this.

5.) Ovulation Danger Sense

There is a lot of power in the ovulation period. Women are actually more able to sense danger while they are ovulating.

6.) Tetrachromats

This sense is a gift given to only a small amount of people but it is a more intense sense of sight. While most humans have three cones in their eyes to distinguish shades of colors, tetrachromats have 4 cones in their eyes which gives them the ability to see colors that us normal folks can’t even imagine.

7.) Equilibrioception

This is our sense of balance. We can still balance ourselves regardless of movement, acceleration, and directional changes.

8.) Fatty Sense

This one is a little weird, but we also have the ability to sense which foods are fattier in content than others simply by using one of our already existing senses, smell.

9.) Nociception

OW! This is our sense of pain. It doesn’t just stop at our exterior pain either, we can sense pain within our bones and organs as well as our skin.

10.) Proprioception

As humans we can also sense where our body parts are without looking at them. That is what proprioception is. It is knowing that your foot and leg is below your waist without having to look at them.

11.) Magnetoception

This is our sense of direction and ability to detect magnetic fields. While birds have a much stronger sense of magnetic fields, we also have a little bit of that same sense lying within us.

12.) Time

Not only do we have a great sense of timing and how long things take, we are actually able to speed up our brain processes in times of panic to make it seem like everything is moving in slow motion.


Knowing I have so many extra sense makes me feel like a superhero! Share this with your friends and we’ll all go out and fight crime together! 

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