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He Turned His Jeep Into A House On Wheels. This Is Amazing!

Dan is no stranger to adventure. Just a few years ago, he took to the open road and drove a Jeep from Alaska to Argentina…covering 17 countries over the 22-month trip.

What did he learn from that journey? That he wanted to keep traveling!

So, after a few years saving up and planning his next great adventure, Dan got to work on his ultimate travel-mobile. This time around, he planned on exploring all of Africa with it.

Check out how he turned this regular car into a full-on home that you’ll be entirely jealous of.

Dan bought one Jeep, got to work on it, but not long after that, the engine exploded. After a period of feeling like a failure, the world traveler picked himself back up and bought a new car.

He decided his plans were too big and too exciting to let go of. These were the dimensions for his custom-built cabinetry.

He was able to transfer them from the other Jeep — thankfully, they fit perfectly.

Dan learned his lesson from the mistakes he made with the original engine.

He added some cool things like an air compressor so he could pump his own flat tires.

Due to the arid climate, Dan wanted to prepare for lots of dust…this snorkel will filter it out before it reaches the car’s air cleaner. It’ll also help if he has to cross any streams.

On the back, he mounted a carrier that can hold a 13-gallon tank of gas.

And on the undercarriage? That’s where he built storage for a jug of drinking water.

He had a custom pop-up roof installed that would allow him to stand up and walk around inside.

Look at all this space!

Mattress slats slide out and are covered with pads for a complete sleeping space.

Here’s the roof popped up…along with solar panels.

He installed a tailgate table and added a cutlery holder that he crafted himself.

This is a pretty tricked out Jeep.

The final touch? Dan painted the continent on his hood…

His plan was to trace his route as he went along.

Of course he couldn’t leave without giving it a test drive — he spent a couple of weeks in Moab, Utah, off-roading and camping.

Then, it was time to ship out! The Jeep fit in a shipping container and set out across the Atlantic.

How cool is that? He turned something that was a car into an actual home!

If you’d like to follow along with Dan’s wild adventures, you can do so here on his website or via Facebook.

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