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Golden Elks looking for hides to help Vets

t’s that time of the year to remind all hunters that the Elks want to tan your hide.  We will take all hide donations,
elk, deer, antelope, buffalo, cow, and turn them into leather which we then donate to the VA hospitals all across the nation.
We have wheelchair gloves made and craft kits to use in recreational and occupational therapy programs.  The Elks do this at
no cost to the VA and these services wouldn’t be provided otherwise if not for this program, so if you don’t plan to use your hides
please salt them and fold flesh to flesh and drop them off at the Golden Elks Lodge.  The Lodge is located at 16795 W. 50th Ave. or
if that is not convenient call me and we have other drop off points all over the state.  There is a table in the north parking lot where you
can leave them.  On behalf of the Veterans who will receive the leather I thank you in advance for your donation.

Wayne Rogers, PDDGER, Secretary Golden Elks
Facebook “Golden Elks Lodge #2740”

<Veterans Hides in Golden 002.JPG>

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