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Golden Cemetery gets makeover

Golden Cemetery Restoring History


Memorial Day weekend is a special time to honor those we’ve lost.  As a result, many trips are made to local cemeteries to pay respects to our loved ones.  At the Golden Cemetery, staff is going above and beyond to make sure even the oldest of graves get the proper respect and attention.


The Golden Cemetery has been owned and operated by the City of Golden since 1873, so as you can imagine, some of the headstones are pretty old, dating back more than 130 years, and through natural causes have broken over time.


The Golden Cemetery staff decided to take on the big task of restoring these historic headstones so that they will proudly reflect their history for many more generations to come.  One of the headstones marks the resting place of Jesse N. Quaintance, who died of typhoid fever in 1881.  He belonged to a prominent family in Golden that ran many of the more popular tourist attractions.


This is one of more than two dozen headstones that are currently being restored at the Golden Cemetery.  The staff is not doing this out of obligation, but because it’s the best way to honor the Cemetery residents.

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