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Foul Flashback: Twisted molestation jokes not new for Lena Dunham


So that happened. Again.

As Twitchy readers know, HBO “Girls” actress Lena Dunham bombed on “Saturday Night Live” and then responded to critics on Twitter. With a foul molestation “joke,” which she then deleted and blamed on lack of sleep. Also, it was totally OK anyway, because she’s a girl so that is allowed or something.


We have a flashback question for Ms. Dunham: On what does she blame this?


What about this one, Ms. Dunham?


Hmm. Lack of sleep again? Were those also “not so great” molestation jokes? Or were they totally awesome since she chose not to delete them?


So edgy, Ms. Dunham! And by edgy, we of course mean reprehensible.


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