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Fire rescue continues to investigate Green Mountain fires

The fire on Green Mountain that burned 96 acres on Nov. 28 is the most recent of five suspicious fires on the mountain in November, according to Bruce Kral, fire marshal at West Metro Fire Rescue.

“In all cases we have eliminated natural occurrences,” he said. “We’re asking anyone in the area if they’ve seen –; or see –; anything suspicious to contact us.”

A multiagency fire and law enforcement team is investigating the five incidents –; the first three of which happened in the first week of November, a fourth that was not reported at the time, and the Nov. 28 fire.

The investigation of the Nov. 28 fire is ongoing. Investigators have spoken to people who may have been the first witnesses of the fire and are still searching for evidence. All five fires were started around the dusk hour and several were within walking distance of trails, Kral said.

“A fire on Green Mountain is not unheard of, but that’s usually every couple years or so, not five in one month,” he said. “All these fires take resources and time to put out.”

All but the most recent fire were an acre or smaller. No structures have been burned and no one has been injured, according to information provided by Ronda Scholting, communications specialist with West Metro. However, dry conditions coupled with adverse weather, such as gusty winds, create a concern there could be more large fires.

Kral said he could not comment on any potential charges against the person or people who may be starting the fires, but he said each one would be treated on an individual basis.

Investigators request anyone who sees anything suspicious or out of the ordinary, whether in their neighborhood, or on the trails in Green Mountain Park, to call 303-987-7111 immediately. Callers can remain anonymous.

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